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Jewelry Designs From the 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards _ Rhodonite









Yesterday we reported on the winners of the 2018 AGTA Spectrum Awards. And just like last year, the announcement was preceded by a press event that corralled not just the winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions in each category, but also the full register of submissions in all their head-spinningly gorgeous glory.



Naturally, JCK had boots on the ground at this important event. This year I noted an abundance of impeccable citrines and yellow sapphires, plus plenty of Paraiba, boulder opal, and aquamarine glamazons. More than a few submissions featured demantoid garnets, morganite, and zircons, which are now on my watch list.



Butterfly motifs were also well represented, and a new stone has captured my heart: rhodonite, courtesy of one Leon Megé.



Ricardo Basta, winner of the Best Use of Color Award, had exquisite submissions in nearly every category, but I’ve chosen to spotlight a design done in steely neutrals. The ring has an otherworldly quality, alternately reminding me of Star Wars spacecraft and something a costume designer might pull for Hecate in a futuristic staging of Macbeth.


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